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We are a Global Brand Protection Agency that provides a wide range of online brand protection services, such as intellectual property protection and anti-counterfeiting services, for all sorts of brands, both worldwide and domestically.

Brand protection is the procedure and a series of steps a right holder takes to stop others from exploiting their copyrights without their consent. Doing so may lead to a loss of revenue, but it’s generally extremely vital to protect the erosion of brand value, repute, and goodwill. While other intellectual property rights, such as industrial design rights or trade dress, may also be involved, brand protection mainly aims to ensure that trademarks, patents, and copyrights are honored.

The four general steps that brand protection firms offer can be used to summarise their services: Detection, Validation, Enforcement, and Reporting.


You can uncover infringements online, wherever they may be, with the assistance of brand protection businesses and services. This can involve fake online store listings, fraudulent websites, and fake social media profiles, among other types of infringement.


It's crucial to confirm that the items classified as infringers actually are infringers. Validation is used to avoid unintentionally punishing legitimate businesses when enforcing IP rights.


The process of really eradicating online IP violations under brand protection is called enforcement. This involves pulling down a malicious website, removing the counterfeit profile from social media, and eradicating illegal merchandise from an online platform.


The last step of a brand security program. To keep track of the state of intellectual property online and to subsequently enhance brand protection in the future, reporting is the method of providing businesses with data that is meaningful and relevant.

We gather and enable real-time data, allowing businesses to follow and trace every step of a product’s journey from its starting materials to its end user. Gaming United gives businesses the opportunity to enhance operational intelligence, guarantee product safety, reduce fraud, boost consumer trust and engagement, and achieve sustainability objectives, among other things. 

Reputable, long-standing businesses promote their product lines primarily through the power of their trademarks. With a variety of Brand Protection services, you can surpass your opponents and oversee the entirety of your brand awareness and build impact. Being focused on brand value while spending years deliberately establishing the brand’s awareness, reputation, and style in order to make the products well-liked, regarded, and recognizable by collecting and engaging real-time data, we base every activity we accomplish for you on your preferences and suggestions. By comprehending the primary categories and target audience, we make sure that the needs of the clients are addressed. We build trust and increase marketability with the aid of excellent SEO strategies that are specifically built for your brand.

Casino monitoring experts, gaming managers, and regulators who concentrate on dangers, vulnerabilities, and risks to casino operations have been connected. Our training covers the matters of game protection, asset protection, and people protection, which together form a casino’s comprehensive risk management plan.

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